Saturday, January 22, 2011

The joy of five acres

Having grown up in the bush in Africa I have always enjoyed have acres of space around me.  After travelling, living in cities, when the opportunity came to live in the country on acreage, I grabbed it.

 I had a few moves, but for the past 29 years have lived on a leafy outer suburban five acre block.  One acre is house, sheds, pool and garden.   Another acre has   a few fruit trees (for the birds that enjoy all our fruit) and the chook run.  The rest is all natural bush,  jarrah, marri, hakea, bottlebrushes, grass trees and a hundred other varities of natives.

The joys of living there are numerous -here are a few:

        Being able to keep chickens

        Having a variety of birds flying around

         The quiet


        Lovely  walks

      At night it is always a joy to go out and see all the stars.

This is my first posting and now look forward to receiving any comments.